Monday, May 22, 2023

Bothell, Washington!


It was a tad cooler when we left this morning at 9:30. Over cast, and a couple of rain drops when we got on the road. We didn’t need to leave early since check in wasn’t until 1 pm. But we were worried about traffic in Olympia, Tacoma, and Renton.

We stopped about half way for a potty break.

Believe it or not, we sailed right on through and absolutely had no traffic to contend with! We got an early check in and got set up. Road Hog poured himself a beer to relax.

This is how Ethel Louise relaxes after our trip!

And this is how Lucy relaxes when she gets home. She rolls herself in a little blanket and sleeps. I’ve circled her tail that is sticking out!
We are here for 2 weeks! 
There is many shades of gray here! 😂

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  1. Hubby & I met Denis in Centralia ER ... helped make the ordeal better to have someone interesting to visit with 👍