Monday, May 22, 2023

Bothell, Washington!


It was a tad cooler when we left this morning at 9:30. Over cast, and a couple of rain drops when we got on the road. We didn’t need to leave early since check in wasn’t until 1 pm. But we were worried about traffic in Olympia, Tacoma, and Renton.

We stopped about half way for a potty break.

Believe it or not, we sailed right on through and absolutely had no traffic to contend with! We got an early check in and got set up. Road Hog poured himself a beer to relax.

This is how Ethel Louise relaxes after our trip!

And this is how Lucy relaxes when she gets home. She rolls herself in a little blanket and sleeps. I’ve circled her tail that is sticking out!
We are here for 2 weeks! 
There is many shades of gray here! 😂

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Last Day In Kelso!


Here we are, leaving Redmond, OR. We were on the road shortly after 9 am. A beautiful day to be driving.   (And relaxing in the passenger seat!)

We had such a beautiful drive up to Mt Hood. 

At some point at the top, we pulled into a rest area to use our facilities, and for Tully to find some grass. This wasn’t our first time up here, but let me tell you, it was a complete mess! It is so sad to be in such a beautiful area, and there was garbage and trash all over the place. Tully didn’t even have a decent place to pee! I have never seen this place as disgusting as it was! It seems as if this is the norm now a days!

Even going past Portland, with the traffic and such…so shameful. I normally post a photo of the state that we enter, but I couldn’t even do that. The Welcome To Washington sign had so much tagging on it, I couldn’t even read the sign. So much spray paint! Just a mess. It was so disappointing!

We arrived in Kelso Friday afternoon and got set up. Then yesterday we had friends stop by for lunch and before we knew it, it was past 3:30! A lot of fun though! We haven’t seen these friends since last August so we had a lot of catching up to do!

Taking Tully on her walky walk, we passed a motor home with a sign that said Ultra Maga!  Very nice people too!

I took a photo of this motor home because it is just beautiful! It looks like an oldie, and the name of it is called Wanderlodge. Now I wouldn’t mind traveling in something this cool! The chrome on this puppy shined! Whoever owns this keeps it in very good condition!

We leave in the morning, heading to Bothell. We will be staying at Lake Pleasant RV Park, where we have stayed in the past. We will be there 2 weeks and hopefully we will get to see a couple of kids and lots of grandkids!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Last Full Day In Redmond, OR!


We spent yesterday afternoon with the grands and Jaime. Owen got a haircut! We can now see his face! 😂 Owen is going to be 8 on May 24th. I can’t believe he is almost 8! Jaime made us dinner, that is what she is doing in the background.

She made the best dinner! She made 20 minute Thai Basil Beef Rolls. She substituted the beef for ground chicken and they came out so good!

If you go to the website you will find the recipe. For dessert she served peach pie with Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream. Yum!

While Jaime was cooking, Addy was working on her pretend laptop, and I guess it was bring your puppy to work day! (Stuffed puppy!)😂 We have had so much fun this trip and we might be able to stop again next spring when we are headed east to see my brother and all of his family.

The photo of the dandelion, I thought, was pretty. One dandelion had gone to seed, but the one behind it was still in yellow bloom.

We are leaving tomorrow morning, heading to Kelso, WA. We are staying at Brookhollow RV Park for 3 nights, leaving for Bothell next Monday. On the road again! 

And man is it ever hot!! It was 84 today, and I hope the hot weather doesn’t follow us!

Monday, May 15, 2023

Happy Mothers Day To All You Mothers Out There!


Saturday was Addy’s last soccer game of the season. It was an 80 degree day, so those poor girls! (Addy is the tall blond.) It was a fun game to watch. Then from the game, Road Hog and I brought the kids to our home to have a sleep over!

Road Hog and Owen slept on the couch that made into a bed. And you know, if you have one of these couches, just how uncomfortable they are! Plus, Road Hog said that Owen stole all the covers! 😂

Addy and I had the bedroom and we were so comfortable! Tully slept in between us on her blanket.

Once we got up and had a little something to eat the next morning, we took the kids home where Jaime invited us for brunch. It was excellent! Thanks for brunch and the flowers Jaime!

We went on home, and since it was Mothers Day, and we both were kind of tired, Road Hog went down the street from the trailer park and brought back some food.

Road Hog had some sushi, raw fish. All types.

I went with chicken teriyaki. He went to a sushi place called Sora Sushi here in Redmond and the food was excellent.

Ethel Louise was telling me Happy Mothers Day!

Today, Monday, we had a thunderstorm come in and we had lots of rain and hail come down. Look how big those hail balls are on our mat!

We are here until this Friday, then leave for Kelso, WA for three nights, then on to Bothell, WA for two weeks. Hopefully the heat wave that western Washington has been having will be over!

Friday, May 12, 2023

Spring Has Sprung!


We’ve been spending time with the grands. In the photo above is Addy at practice. We have been having some nice weather, but it is supposed to reach 80 tomorrow and Addy has her last game. Hopefully they’ll be playing in the shade! 😂😎

The RV park is full! Starting Wednesday, RV’s and RV’s with horse trailers started filling up the park. Thursday through Sunday, there is an Oregon High School Equestrian Team State going on. It is busy here!

Some people think they have well behaved dogs, and they (the dogs) are wondering into other camp sites. The first thing that the owner says is don’t worry, he won’t hurt you. Yeah. As if I haven’t heard those words before! Just leash up your dogs and have control. That’s all I ask! 

Here is our view outside the door and living room windows. It’s gorgeous here, especially when it isn’t raining!

Tomorrow we will be watching Addy’s last soccer game, then both her and Owen will be coming home with us to spend the night. Please send me energy! 😂 We can’t wait to have a sleep over! 

I also want to say to my son, Michael, and his new wife Sidney, congratulations on your marriage! And welcome to the family Sid! May 12, 2023 was a great day! We love you both! 😘

Monday, May 8, 2023

More Catch-Up!

We left Klamath Falls last Friday around 9:15. No rain, yet!

We stopped and hung out with the big rigs at a rest stop. It was pretty easy driving, hardly any traffic.

We didn’t run in to too much snow. But man, this part of Oregon is so pretty!

God Bless America! God Bless Oregon, and God Bless POW-MIA!

This is Timber. She is still a little pup. This is Jaime’s dog.

Granddaughter Addy and myself. (Photo credit goes to Addy!)

Owen and Addy riding here at the trailer park.

Road Hog and his daughter Jaime, with Timber.

Addy, myself, Road Hog and Owen. We have had so much fun with these kids. Where in the heck do they get all of their energy? (Photo credit goes to Jaime.)

Jaime, Owen, myself and Road Hog. (Photo credit goes to Addy.)

It has been mostly raining here in Redmond, OR. I am already so tired of the rain! But we like the town of Bend, and seeing the kids makes the rain OK. 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Last Night In Klamath Falls!


Guess what kind of weather we had today? Shortly after taking this photo, the thunderstorm started with a shit crap load of rain. And it poured! 

Doesn’t the rain always come down after the vehicles are washed? Road Hog found out that if you give the office $5.00, you are allowed to wash your vehicle. Since the trailer was just washed, Road Hog washed just the back of it where it was filthy from going through snow and rain coming from Likely. He then washed the truck because he had a couple of cow pies on the side from the pasture, once again coming from Likely. 😁

Here is our route tomorrow, heading up to Redmond, OR. We are staying at Expo Center RV Park, which is where we stayed at a couple of years ago. It’s a very nice park. We will be close to Bend, where we will get to visit some kids and grandkids! We will relax for 2 weeks, then move over to Kelso, WA.